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As someone with low capital who has already started two companies, I understand the psychological and desirable barriers when you decide to start a business. Concerns about capital, financial cash flow, business products, human resources, market, partners, customers, … are always easy to “sweep” you to stress, pressure and deadlock.

“200 MILLION ➽ ONE IN INITIAL INVESTMENT, FOUR IN RETURN IN PROFIT” helps you to control all your worries and firmly start a business.

200 million One part of capital four parts profit

With the policy of “200 MILLION ➽ “ONE IN INITIAL INVESTMENT, FOUR IN RETURN IN PROFIT”, I give you the opportunity to master all those worries, simple all difficulties, invest your money safely for peace of mind with me. solid development and start-up.

Our main product is medical mask making machine line, imported directly from manufacturers in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. With modern technology, including automatic and semi-automatic machines to help optimize human resources, achieve high product productivity, easy operation and stability. The total value of the production line is about more than 1 billion VND, but with only 200 million VND, I give you the opportunity to own a quality medical mask export production line and start a business with AMIMEXCO with peace of mind. When AMIMEXCO always has policies to support start-up and after-sales to ensure the interests of production investors.

Start a solid business

Moreover, with strong resources and potentials, you are not only supported to start a business with little capital, but also receive in-depth advice on development orientation, market – customer, and support to find a partner. domestically and internationally. Actively input products and feel secure to distribute products to the market with the AMIMEXCO ecosystem.

If you are interested in or need further assistance with information about the Startup policies, please fill out the FORM registration or contact me directly:

Founder & CEO AMIMEXCO | Nguyen Ba Lam

Hotline: (+84) 907272712 | (+84) 976488688


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⇨ Or come to the office to see me to discuss more at:

✢AMIMEXCO South Rep Office: 156 Che Lan Vien, Ward Tay Thanh, Tan Phu District, HCMC.

✢AMIMEXCO North Rep Office: NH17, Phu Thi Industrial Park – Phu Thi Commune – Gia Lam – Hanoi.

Very pleased with you to develop and succeed. Because your success is the joy, pride and prestige of the AMIMEXCO brand.


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