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– Productivity: 50-55 pcs/min

– Size: 6,7 x 2,5 x 1,98m

– Weight: 1350kg

– Power: 220 V

– Capacity: 11KW

Contact for consultant: (+84) 907272712

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N95 mask making machine provided by Amimexco is especially used for producing N95 masks, 3M masks, 3D….. The machine is set up with the up-to-date technology helping to raise capacity upto 50-55 pieces / minute. The finished product is qualified without errors. The operating process is stable and endurable without noise. Amimexco imports and distributes the machine with good price and thoughtful warranty policy. Scroll down for more infomation.

Application of N95 mask making machine

N95 mask making machine is used in large import-export factories or private factories. The machine can produce N95 masks, 3M, 3D masks, and ordinary medical masks according to customers’ needs. In addition, the machine can also produce all kinds of fabric masks, raindrop-resistance masks (1layer mask).

What are the advantages of the N95 mask making machine?

First, this is the high-productivity machine: 50-55 pieces / minute.

Second, this N95 series of facemasks is also integrated with an electronic touch screen PLC control. All the techncal specifications are displayed on the screen helping customers to track and adjust easily by using the touch-screen.

Third, in comparison to the previous models, the finished products of this machine are more with the rate of defective products is below 2%

Fourth, the N95 Amimexco mask making machine has the preeminent feature of customizing the printing axis based on customers’ brand. Accordingly, brand awareness for businesses is improved

Fifth, the N95 making machine is also considered a versatile machine. Besides N95 masks and medical masks made of non-woven fabrics, the equipment can also produce fabric masks, raindrop-resistance masks (1 layer) according to your needs. Thereby helping to diversify products and increase profits.

Is the N95 mask making machine pricey?

If you are satisfied with the features of the N95 mask maker, do not worry about the price. Because Amimexco is an active importer and distributor without any intermediary, so the price is always competitive and economical for you. Especially when you buy machine and raw materials, you will be offered preferential prices. For more detail and specifications, call the hotline: (+84) 907272712 or fill out the form.

Warranty policy for N95 mask making machine at Amimexco

N95 mask making machine at Amimexco is guaranteed up to 12 months. You are also assured that the technical staff of Amimexco are very professional and well-trained, so all the technic-related issued can be solved quickly to avoid losing your time and delaying your progress. When it comes to component replacement, you can be assured that Amimexco will provide genuine, brand new spare parts.

In addition, customers who buy the N95 masking machine are also supported a team  by technical staff with installation and opreration. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate and use, so you can rest assured.

Why should we invest in a medical machine N95 at this time?

There are many reasons for customers to choose to invest in the N95 medical mask making machine. First, the demand for mask is quite high as the pandemic is braking out. N95 mask can be distributed to pharmacies, medical facilities or export …

In addition to being assured of the output, choosing to invest in medical mask making machines also helps to quickly regain capital and improve profits. Because the N95 mask provided by Amimexco is a new generation machine with high productivity, smooth operation, stability and high durability. Unlike other manufacturing industries that produce masks, you do not need to prepare much in terms of skills and technology. Because the N95mask making machine distributed by Amimexco is the modern and automatic line, which is easy to operate and use. As long as our technical staff guide you a few times, you will know and execute it fluently.

Benefits of choosing AMIMEXCO as a partner

Firstly, You will be assured of being provided with genuine products with clear origin and ISO certification for exporting. Sencond is to enjoy the good selling price with thoughtful warranty. At the same time, there is also free installation support, make sure that machine is completely tested before handing over.

As a reputable company, Amimexco also ensures on-time delivery. More than 4000 well trained staff are always ready to support. Representative offices are available in both the North and the South to .

For all contact information, please contact:

  • Southern Branch: 156 Che Lan Vien, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City – Hotline: (+84) 907272712
  • Northern Branch: QL17 Phu Thi Industrial Park, Phu Thi Commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi – Hotline: (+84) 976488688
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