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– Productivity: 110-120 pieces | minute
– Size: 8 x 4 x 2m
– Voltage: 220V | 1 phase
Electric power: 3.5KW
– Color: Gray white
Material: Aluminum alloy, anti-rust.
Contact for advice: +(84) 907272712
To get the quotation, click now: amimexco.com/contact-us/

FTD automatic medical mask production line:

Fully automatic ⇨ labor reduction.

Operating based on PLC programmable control system, with electronic sensor eyes. Minimize product defect rate and achieve high product yield.

Authorized warranty, is the place to perform the repair – installation of genuine components, accessories.

We have Logistics, trucks, cranes, tractors and warehouses stretching from North to South areas (total area of ​​warehouses is over 15,000 m2). We optimize 100% of all costs by directly importing machinery and materials from foreign manufacturers to AMIMEXCO warehouses ⇨ without going through a third party or another transporter.

➤ To learn more about us, please visit amimexco.com/overview-of-amimexco Thank you for your interest and visit the website amimexco.com. Wish you will find the necessary information and have a great experience on the website.

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