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Machine information:

– Productivity: 30-35 pieces / minute

– Size: 6.7 x 2.5 x 1.98m

– Weight: 1350kg

– Power source: 220V

– Electric power: 11KW

Contact for advice: (+84) 907272712

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3D mask making machine is a specialized machine to export medical masks with a 3D face-hugging design. This is a machine that applies automatic production technology, from body making to strap welding. Thereby helping to improve productivity. On the other hand, it also helps to reduce the cost of hiring labor. Specific information about the preeminent features of the device invite you to consult more immediately below.

Advantages of 3D mask making machine

The first advantage of a 3D medical mask making machine is its superior production speed. Much higher than semi-automatic machines. Specifically, productivity is about: 30-35 pieces / minute.

In addition to productivity, the machine is also appreciated for its fully automatic production technology. From the stage of making the body mask to the welding of the strap. As a result, only 1-2 workers are needed. Help to reduce costs.

Modern control panel with electronic sensor eye. Makes controlling and operating the machine easier.

In addition, the machine also has an option of printing axis according to its own brand.

This will help improve the branding of the product. The whole machine is made of anti-rust aluminum alloy which is also the advantage. Help improve the durability of the machine.

The ability to operate smoothly and stably is also an advantage of the device compared to previous models.

How much does a 3D mask making machine cost?

As a new generation of mask making machine, possesses many outstanding features but the price is very affordable. The reason is because Amimexco is a supplier that takes the initiative in importing and distributing directly. Absolutely no need to go through brokers or intermediaries, so the price is always competitive, the best in the market. Interested customers call hotline: (+84) 907272712 or fill out the contact form for specific advice and quotation. We will contact you soon, quote the best price and save the most for you. At the same time, it also supports you to advise on issues of planning to make a reasonable workshop.

Warranty policy for 3D mask making machine at Amimexco

Customers who buy 3D medical mask making machines at Amimexco will be warranted for up to 12 months. Installation support and proficiency manual. Especially in the process of using, if there are technical problems, our support will be handled quickly and conscientiously.

Besides, in the process of using, if it is necessary to replace spare parts, Amimexco also ensures to supply genuine products, ensure the quality as well as the origin.

Above is some information introducing the new generation of 3D medical mask making machine. Interested customers, need advice, find out specific information about the machine, please contact the information below:

  • Southern Branch: 156 Che Lan Vien, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City – Hotline: (+84) 907272712
  • Northern Branch: QL17 Phu Thi Industrial Park, Phu Thi Commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi – Hotline: (+84) 976488688
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