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Selling price of non-woven materials for cold towels and wet paper

The source of non-woven fabrics for cold towels and wet towels supplied by AMIMEXCO is always committed to quality stability, quantitative uniformity and ensuring the number of meters coming on the whole roll. We undertake that the goods are packaged according to international specifications: the roll of the fabric is beautifully packed, sturdy, not dirty and not distorted. Contact hotline directly 0907 27 27 12 to get advice on the price of non-woven fabrics for making cold towels, the  wet towels.

Advantages of nonwoven raw materials for wet tissue production provided by AMIMEXCO

AMIMEXCO’s nonwoven wet tissue production has an extremely fast hydration rate, from 0.5 seconds to 1 second, with long water retention properties, helping to speed up production. The fabric ball is evenly bulging all over the surface. The fabric is soft and smooth, does not ruffle and does not cause skin irritation, suitable for all sensitive skin. Moderate fabric stretch, wide range of fabric composition with 100% Poly or Poly blended Viscose with proportions flexibly adjusted according to customer needs.

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The raw materials for manufacturing wet tissues of AMIMEXCO are strong in quantity – winning on quality

AMIMEXCO commits to supply raw materials for wet tissue production in accordance with specifications, types, quantity and quality as agreed with customers. We have warehouse systems in both the South and the North with a total area of more than 15,000 m2. In addition, with the chain of import, export and supply activities that take place 24/7, we always ensure the source of goods for customers, deliver the goods as soon as possible, and the procedure is simple and fast to support. maximum for your production activities will take place throughout.

Reputable address sells wet tissue materials

AMIMEXCO is a reputable supplier and seller of non-woven fabrics for cold towels and wet towels nationwide. In addition to the assurance of the quantity and quality of raw materials, we also ensure the most competitive prices in the market. Because all kinds of raw materials to make wet tissues are imported directly by us, without going through any other intermediaries. Customers can contact us directly at:

  • Southern Branch: 156 Che Lan Vien, Ward Tay Thanh, Tan Phu District, City. Ho Chi Minh City – Hotline: 0907272712.
  • Northern Branch: Phu Thi Industrial Park – Gia Lam – Hanoi City – Hotline: 0976488688.

Wet tissue materials supplied by AMIMEXCO

AMIMEXCO specializes in supplying wet wipes materials imported from China, Korea… with outstanding quality, abundant sources, guaranteed and stable quantity.

Wet towel accessories:

  • Wet towel film (wet towel packaging) is diversified and multi-sized
  • Scent diversified, hygienic, does not cause skin irritation

Nonwoven raw materials for wet paper towels:

  • Fabric wet towel mesh
  • Fabric makes a large ball wet towel.
  • Fabric makes a small ball wet towel.

The products always ensure the number of meters to be written on the stamp, the international standard packing specifications. At the same time, also received a full range of certificates and domestic and international quality accreditation.

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